Subscription Fees

Subscription based services will be billed in advance on a monthly recurring basis. The charges for recurring services will be charged based on service start date.

All subscription services can be cancelled at anytime with no termination fees. You can do this in the member area on your digital artisan account.

Website Financing

You have the option to finance your site for 6 or 12 months. Financing is interest free and requires a 20% deposit. The remaining 80% will be billed in 6 or 12 monthly installments.

Digitial Artisan owns the rights to your site until paid in full. Any failure to remit full payment for the site will result in the site being taken down.

Paid in Full Websites

For all paid in full sites, amount is paid in full upon check out. We offer 12 months of our premium maintenance package with the purchase of your website, this includes the cost of hosting your domain. After 12 months you can continue on with Digital Artisan, or cancel your maintenance plan, and take over your site fully, including hosting services.

Premium Maintenance Trial Package

With all website builds we provide you with a free trial of our maintenance package. The duration depends on the payment method you choose when building your site.

Paid in Full Websites include 12 months of our premium maintenance plan.

Financed Websites include 6 or 12 months of our premium maintenance plan, depending on the length of your financing.

Add-on Services

Most add-on’s require a premium plug in. The price you are paying is for the purchase of the license required to install this on your site. We do not charge you any extra for the install, you are only paying for the purchase price. Premium plug ins are purchased through 3rd parties, such as Woo Commerce, Gravity Forms, etc. and managed by these 3rd parties.

Additional Fees

Our prices for website builds do not include the cost of purchasing a domain name. Domain names can vary in price based on availability and the option of “.com”, “.nl”, etc. We will purchase one for you, if requested for an additional cost. We will discuss with you available domain names and the associated costs. We do not up charge you for the domain purchased, you will only pay the cost of the domain name for the purchased time frame.

 Subscription Renewals

Your subscription will automatically renew, if you select the auto renew option. If you select month to month, you will have to renew manually each month you wish to have service with Digital Artisan.

If you are on the free trail maintenance plan, when your renewal period is approaching we will contact you with details on pricing and renewal options.

Privacy Guarantee

Digital Artisan may require you to provide sensative information, such as login and/or password information to effectively manage all of your web needs. We guarantee that this information will never be misused, shared, or used for any purpose other than management of your website.